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• 1/31/2016

Possible Ending to the story and pairing

How do you think the story will end (despite not knowing how many volumes are planned for the series)? For me, there are three main possible endings:

1) Shin went back to his world alone

2) Shin went back to his world with the females who have romantic interests in him

3) Shin decided to stay in the current New Gate world with the females who have romantic interests/feelings in him

Also, who else do you think is romantically interested in Shin except for obviously Schnee and Tiera (and maybe Yuzuha should it recover its memories/mature mentally enough)?

What are the chances that the First Princess (not appeared before Shin yet) or/and the Second Princess (Rionne Strail Bayreuth) to eventually develop feelings for Shin after travelling with him? (It is possible for the Second Princess due to the current events in volume 4)

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• 3/2/2016

I believe Shin will stay in the New Gate world. His feelings right now says he needs to return to his own world, but who would seriously do that at the end of his journey? I think no one would like such an ending. In New Gate he can make a difference, what is there to do in his old world?

I believe Shin's harem will at least consist of: Schnee, Tiera, Rionne, his Fairy NPC follower, Cuore and The first Princess. for now at least.

• 10/27/2018

and maybe filma

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