Barlux Heim
Personal Information
Age 39
Gender Male
Height 2 meters
Race Human
Main Job Fist Fighter
Sub Job Berserker
Affiliation Bayreuth Adventure Guild
Adventure Rank Former S-Rank
  • Steel Repel
  • Sign Perception
  • Spirit Manipulation
Level 228
HP 4190
MP 2770
STR 391
VIT 322
DEX 345
AGI 397
INT 290
LUC 77
Other Information
Occupation Guildmaster
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 2
Manga Chapter 3


About 2 meter in height with scars over his face.


Barlux is cautious but impatient. He considers even G rank adventures as part of the organization and will stand up for them.


  • Head: None
  • Torso: Light Blue
 – AGI Bonus[Weak]
  • Arm: Blue Fang Gauntlet
  • Feet: Dragon Skin Boots
 – Bind reduction
  • Accessories: Jade Amulet
 – Abnormalities state reduction
  • Weapon: Blue Fang Gaunlet
 – Physical attack damage reflection


Former S rank adventurer that holds a letter of introduction. He became the guild master of Bayreuth sometime before Shin arrived.


Volume 1 Edit

He is at the reception desk when Shin signs up to be an adventurer and throws a couple of glances at Shin. After the paperwork, Barlux asks Celica to check Shin’s personality, while he himself sits behind Shin. He impatiently invites Shin to a private office to check the letter of introduction from Tsuki no Hokora, while Shin was eating. In that room, Barlux confirms that the letter is genuine and then explains the uses of the letter to Shin. He urges Shin to keep the letter safe or destroy it. While asking Shin his level, Barlux knows that 150 is a lie, without using [Analyze], and accepts that over 200 is accurate. Barlux then challenges Shin to a fight, which can’t be refused. They transport to an empty training area and Barlux equips his armor and gauntlets. Barlux begins the fight but Shin manages to avoid all of Barlux’s attacks. Shin uses the martial art skill [Willow Throw] to win without harming Barlux.

After Shin defeats the unique Skull Face, Barlux joins in a meeting with Kylie Ein, Els, Ardi, and Arad Royl to discuss the events that transpired. Barlux explains the situation but refuses to tell them of Shin’s identity. It is known however, that Shin is a letter holder. Arad makes fun of letter holders for being thoughtless (Barlux included) and Kylie teases Barlux for not being the best at paperwork. Later in the meeting Barlux hears about Muspelm from Ardi.

Volume 4 Edit

Shin receives a message from Barlux stating that there is a Royal summons for Shin and he should return as soon as possible. When Shin arrives, he is greeted by Barlux and Arad. Arad explains the situation to Shin and Barlux warns Shin that the princess wants to fight and also coerce Shin towards government service, which Arad is strongly opposed to. Barlux sets the meeting time at 9 bells and suggests that the armed state is the uniform of an adventurer but the attire should be kept neat.


  • Former S-Rank adventure
  • Bayreuth Adventure Guild's Guildmaster
  • Known as the "Blue Wolf"