The Bayreuth Kingdom is a country located right near the Tsuki no Hokora. It is ruled by King Jeon Courtade Bayreuth. Alternate Name: Berylricht Kingdom

Bayreuth Kingdom
Location Information
Leader Jeon Courtade Bayreuth (King)
Type Country/City-State
Located in Eltnia Continent
Status At Peace
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 2
Manga Chapter 3


The city state of Bayreuth is located on an open field near the Northern and Eastern Forests on the continent of Eltnia. The country is ruled by King Jeon Courtade Bayreuth, who has two daughters, Efilia Lou Bayreuth and Rionne Strail Bayreuth.

The city is surrounded by a wall the height of a six story building and is imbued with magic to repel monsters. The castle is located at the center and is surrounded by rich merchants and noble residences. The city is divided into four districts: East, West, North, South. Each district has it's own gate guarded by soldiers who rotate guarding each gate. The South District is the merchant district and sees the most traffic. The East District includes all the guilds such as the adventurer guild, the merchant guild, the blacksmith guild, and others. The East Gate leads towards the Eastern Forest. The West District is the residential district where most of the townsfolk live. Inns for adventurers can be found there. The North District is "in development" or rather the slums. The North Gate is the least used gate since many don't want to go through that district. The East Gate is used to go to the Northern Forest instead.


  • The Kingdom takes pride in having a moderate relationship with the Tsuki no Hokora.