A hotel and meeting point for adventurers in Bayreuth

Bear Point Pavilion
Location Information
Type Hotel
Located in West District Bayreuth Kingdom
Status Active
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 3
Manga Chapter 4


A hotel that is family owned and operated. The Signboard has a bear's paw on it. It's a 25 minute walk from the Adventurer's Guild. One night costs 2 J Silver coins but with Celica's recommendation the price is 1 J Silver and 90 J Copper coins. The bath costs 4 J Copper per use. The rooms are 10 tatami big and include a desk, chair, drawers, and a flash toilet. The rooms also have boxes, or safes, which is proof that the hotel has been recognized by the city. The hotel mostly deals with adventurers because Douma likes the lively atmosphere.