Eline Sperizer has blond hair and blue eyes, his hair that came slightly below his shoulders was neatly tied back. He smiled, and looked like a picturesque knight in shining armor.

He has
neither murderous intent or animosity. To kill must be as natural as breathing for him. He showed no hesitation towards the act of killing. Here was true terror, in the form of a man.

He was born as a chosen one and as a hero but seen as a problem by the people from his village. He was eventually sold to the priest Bulk who raised him.




  • 『Exvaine』: It is approximately 2 meter long giant knife. According to Eline, it was made by High Human. 『Exvaine』 used to belong to a friend of Shin. It’s actual name is 『Red Crystal Sword Exvaine』. It’s ancient grade and it’s a sword that Shin forged himself.
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