Filma Tolmeya
Personal Information
Age 521
Gender Female
Race High Lord
Main Job Magic Knight
Sub Job Dark Knight
Affiliation Rokuten
  • Master of Magic Swords
  • Apex of Magic Skills
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • She who dances with the God of Death
  • Exterminator
  • Impact Slash
  • Ominous Blade
  • Darkness Thrust
  • Bloody Pain
  • Kagutsuchi
Level 255
HP 9344
MP 6325
STR 857
VIT 661
DEX 701
AGI 712
INT 633
LUC 76
Other Information
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 7

Filma Tormeia is Shin's no. 2 support character.


Shoulder-length hair with a color between red and violet, the same color as her eyes.

Her chest, is on par with Schnee’s, and the magical armor adorned in black and violet around her waist.


Filma is often frank and open.


  • Head: Lifesphere Hairpin (HP bonus, Auto HP recovery)
  • Torso: Magic Armor of Hollow Lacquer (STR bonus, Magic Power release, Sustained damage decrease)
  • Arms: Gauntlet of Hollow Lacquer (STR bonus, Inflicted damage decrease)
  • Legs: Greaves of Hollow Lacquer (AGI bonus, Bind immune)
  • Accessories: Age of Gods Earring
  • Weapon: Red Moon (Immune from weapon-destroying attacks, Immune to penetration, HP absorption, User limitation), Red Crystal Sword Excavaine (Increases damage against humans, Decrease magic damage against it)


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