Girard Estaria
Girard Estaria - Beast Appearance
Personal Information
Age 521 (Deceased)
Gender Male
Race High Beast
Main Job Magic Fist Warrior
Sub Job Beast Warrior
  • Rokuten
  • Falnido Beast Alliance
  • Barehanded Acme
  • Wielder of Magic Arm Guard
  • Taijutsu Acme
  • Commander
  • Beast Element Holder
Adventure Rank None
  • Zekka
  • Mind's Eyes
  • Blazing Sky
  • Binding Snake
  • Cannon Wave
Level 255
HP 9167
MP 5223
STR 881
VIT 672
DEX 739
AGI 787
INT 536
LUC 67
Other Information
Occupation Beast King (former)
Media Information

Girard Estaria is Shin's no. 3 support character, and after the defeat of Origin, founded the Falnido Beast Alliance. While Shin was not around, time was stopped within his body, allowing him to live far past his life span.




  • Head: Earth Fissure Forehead Protector

-STR Bonus [Special], Sensory disturbance ineffective

  • Torso: Earth Fissure Dougi

-VIT Bonus [Special], DEX Bonus [Special]

  • Arm: None
  • Leg: Earth Fissure of Leg Guard

-AGI Bonus [Special], Restraint and Debuff invalidity

  • Accessories: Age of Gods Earring
- Render Brainwash, Confusion, Disorder and Charm invalid
  • Weapon: Crushing Moon


After meeting with Shin again after the defeat of Origin, Girard asked his master to have a duel to the death with him, as he could feel his death approaching.

During the fight, Girard activated two Shiden skills simultaneously, overpowering Shin briefly. However, his body gave out just as his fist reached Shin's chest, and they both acknowledged Girard's win. Shin then released his full power (as he had only been fighting at his pre-Origin levels), and killed Girard with a Shiden Zekka.


  • “If God exists in this world, it might have granted my wish.”
  • "This will be my final and greatest fight. Come and watch me."
  • "Urgh…. Now then, my long-held…wish was fulfilled. Shin. Can I request..from you, one last time, a single blow as the reward?" - Girard after his double Shiden activation


Girard Estaria - Beast Appearance