Jeon Courtade Bayreuth
Jeon Courtade Bayreuth
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Light Novel Volume 3 Chapter 1
Manga Volume 4 Chapter 24

Jeon Courtade Bayreuth is the King of the Bayreuth Kingdom. He is the father of Efilia Lou Bayreuth and Rionne Strail Bayreuth.

Appearance Edit

Jeon is a blonde haired man with blue eyes. He is 2 mels of height and possessed a body covered with muscles, befitting to that of a warrior's.

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Jeon is usually a dignified man, under normal circumstances, however when faced with situations that destroy common sense makes him frustrated.

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Volume 3 Edit

Jeon held an emergency session in his court after learning from his spies that the Tsuki no Hokora had vanished. He worried of the after effects of such a monuments disappearing and the reaction of the other countries, when the learn of its disappearance. He was concerned about the safety of Schnee Raizar, but was relieved by his daughter Efilia that Rionne reported her to be fine. Jeon order a messenger to be dispatched to Rionne to make contact with Schnee as soon as she reappeared.

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