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Volume ListEdit

No. Cover Novel Title ISBN Release Date
A Beginning and An End ISBN 978-4-4341-8727-8 December 2013
02 Wraith Plains ISBN 978-4-4341-9312-5 June 2014
03 Falnido Beast Alliance ISBN 978-4-4341-9892-2 November 2014
04 Blue Ancient of Sacred Place ISBN 978-4-4342-0428-9 April 2015
05 Crimson Exterminator ISBN 978-4-4342-1006-8 September 2015
06 A Fanatic's Ambition ISBN 978-4-4342-1578-0 January 2016
07 Uprising of Demons ISBN 978-4-4342-2120-0 June 2016
08 The Divine Katana's Inheritor August 2017
09 The Five Supreme Blades November 2017
10 Frozen in Warmth March 2018
11 Depths of the Azure Seas June 2018
12 Pillar of My Heart October 2018