In The New Gate, there are various classes focused on producing various creations, also known as Production Classes.

Production ClassesEdit

  • Alchemist - Alchemists can create consumable magic items, like potions.
  • Blacksmith - Blacksmiths can create weapons and metal equipment.
  • Builder - Builders can create various structures, from houses to large magical ships.
  • Cook - Cooks can create food and dish items.
  • Farmer - Farmers can create crops and raise animals.
  • Inscriber/Engraver
  • Merchant - Merchants are involved in trade. Merchants' appraisal skill can cover all other production items, whether they are metal, herbs, cloth, food, etc.
  • Painter - Painters can create paintings and body painting which can act as armor.
  • Puppeteer - Puppeteers can make dolls for combat.
  • Seamstress - Also known as tailors. Can create any type of items from cloth.
  • Tamer - Tamers can tame monsters and raise them.

The abilities of the production classes can cover other production classes, like a blacksmith using a tailor skill to create clothing type equipment out of metal.