Fraction Information
Leader Unknown
Type Guild
Status Active (only Shin)
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 1 Chapter 3

Rokuten (Six Devas) was the the most powerful guild in The New Gate game.


It was originally created as a production guild, a guild that craft items, tools, weapons and even buildings. However, it slowly become one of the best(if not the best) guild during the Game Era. Each of its individual members are said to be best in their respective class. After the Dusk of Majesty, the Rokuten were elevated to a pantheon of gods by the New Gate inhabitants.


Known MembersEdit

  • Cain (Blue Magician) - a master builder that can build houses and castles in a single day
  • Cook - (White Cook) a master cook that can make any food in the game that gives powerful stat boosts
  • Hecate (Crimson Alchemist) - a master alchemist that can mass produce high level potions easily
  • Reed - (Golden Merchant) a puppet master that can create puppets as powerful as the Divine Beasts
  • Cashmere (Silver Summoner) - a master monster tamer who can raise any type of monster and someone who loves monster ranches
  • Shin (Dark Blacksmith) - a master blackmith and the first player to max all stats


  • All members are high human with max or near max stats.
    • Even the weakest member has max HP and MP and raised all stats to 950 or above.