Shadow Kurosawa
Personal Information
Age 163
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Race High Lord
Main Job Shinobi
Sub Job Magic Fist Warrior
Affiliation Majin Keppuuroku (Former)
  • Non-Operation Expert
  • Taijutsu Expert
  • Fencing Master
  • Engagement Linker
  • Head of a Household
Adventure Rank S
  • Blade Stream
  • Headhunting
  • Hydro Sword
  • Shadow Blade
  • Mind's Eye
Level 255
HP 6490
MP 5311
STR 568
VIT 343
DEX 601
AGI 734
INT 289
LUC 41
Other Information
  • Holly Kurosawa
  • Hibineko
Occupation Coffee shop "B&W" manager
Residence Coffee Shop "B&W"
Origin Japan
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 5

Shadow Kurosawa is a former player, and Holly's husband.

Former PKK (Player Killer's killer)


Shadow is a handsome man with black hair and black eyes. 



  • Head: Twilight's Headguard (Abnormal state resistance)
  • Torso: Twilight's Ninja Costume (STR bonus, AGI bonus)
  • Arm: Twilight's Arm Guard (Increase attack speed)
  • Feet: Twilight's Tabis (Increase cancealment effect, Increase critical rate)
  • Accesories: Engagement Ring (Increases Luck)
  • Weapon: Night Kill's Dagger (Penetration invalidity, Increase concealment effect, Increase critical-rate, User restricted)


Shadow was a player of THE NEW GATE and died in the Death Game. Shadow and Shin had known each other for the longest time because one time they made a party together.

Then, he arrived 20 years ago at his original level, stats and items. He rejoined with Holly Kurosawa and got married. He rebuilt their Coffee Shop "B&W" and had a daughter named Kaede Kurosawa.


  • Holly and Shadow are a married couple
  • They have daughter called Kaede Kurosawa
  • Coffee shop "B&W" manager
  • His Cooking skills ar lvl 7

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