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THE NEW GATE is a free JRPG mobile game released for iOS and Android devices by AlphaGames Inc. The game features the main characters from the light novel and manga series.


Epic fantasy novel "The New Gate" is revived as an action RPG game!

  • Simple Action Real Time RPG
    • Timing to release your skill is important in the battle.
    • Find the right opportunity of skill attack and win the battle!
  • Maximum 5 multiplayer battle
    • Beat enemies and cooperate with friends!
  • Be Stylish by Equipments
    • You can change your appearance by types of equipment.
    • Coordinate your avatar to your taste.


Shin almost won in the death game "THE NEW GATE", where people were locked in. However, at the moment he was delivering death to the final boss, he enveloped by a strange light, then he waked up the world 500 years later. The story will begin from this...


The game was cancelled after bad ratings and is now discontinued and no longer on iOS or android stores


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Official Website (JP) (No longer online)