Toudou Kankurou
Personal Information
Age >500
Gender Male
Race High Lord
Affiliation Hinomoto’s Brave Ten
Title 1st seat of Hinomoto’s Brave Ten
Level 255
Other Information
Media Information
Light Novel Volume 8

Toudou Kankuro is a retainer of the Kujuo House.

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Personality Edit

Kankurou is known to be extremely loyal to his creator.

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Background Edit

Five hundred years ago before the Dusk of Majesty, Kankurou was a support character of a samurai player named Jinkurou. After Jinkurou died he passed his treasured Black Moon sword to his NPC. Due to his status of being of the Ancient Generation, he is hailed the strongest on Hinomoto.

Chronology Edit

Volume 8 Edit

Kankurou led a troop of warriors to intercept Saegusa Karin and Kujou Kanade. Upon seeing Shin, he recognized him as the Dark Blacksmith however kept his silence. He challenged Shin to a duel to which he used as a cover to privately converse with him so as to determine why the player had returned from the dead. After learning that Shin was searching for answers to his resurrection, Kankurou suggested that it was his supports characters that called him back. Kankurou revealed he went and interviewed many of the NPCs that survived to the present day, and had learned that many of them had lost memories of their masters, himself include, yet when he spoke to the followers of the Rokuten, he learned that all of them kept their memories of their masters strong. He advised Shin to be considerate of the loyalty of his followers before leaving the duel at a draw.

Saegusa Kuyou and his court brought Kankurou before them, asking of the samurai's sudden interest in Shin. Kankurou revealed that Shin was a warrior surpassing that of the warriors within the room and others that the present world referred as legendary, hinting him as a being at the caliber of a High Human.

He later introduced Shin to his pupil, Yaejima Toshiro so that he may test his sword skills.