Who am i? I'm a Samurai, but other than that, lets get the jokes aside and get to the description.

So, <<Pacem Community Translations>> was created during the begining of January, 2015, by myself WhiteSamurai. 

The purpose of Pacem at the time was to gather the support of the community and focus it into translating a novel that had been placed on extended hiatus from the Translation group at the time. When I saw that there was still an active community, Pacem was created.

Over time there were several individuals who stood out and stood by my side to work on that project. We developed a three part system of using Machine Translations to come out into readable versions with an accuracy rating of roughly 75-85%. (Note that this doesn't mean storyline, it means which words are used, etc)

Using this format, I set out to branch out to new projects along the course of time, gathering individuals that are fans of each Novel that is picked up to aid in the process.

I myself can only manage 4 projects at one time. 


The New Gate

Gate -Thus the JSDF Fought There

Guardian's Spirit

With Guardian's Spirit being my own novel that I will begin work on within the coming months.

Once I catch up to a project, I will pick up a new one personally while keeping the past projects up to date.

This said, there is no reason that simply because I can only clean for so many projects doesn't mean that we can't just branch out. The cleaner is the manager of a project, that person determines how many releases at what frequency. I may only be able to clean for 3 projects and work on my own personal one at one time, but when it comes to management and delegation, I can easily handle over three dozen projects at once.

All that is necessary is for people with strong English abilities to be willing to give a shot at my training course on how to clean Machine Translations. Of course, there are some that are naturally able to do so, but they are in the minority.

Since [The New Gate] and [Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There] are active projects that have no other teams working on them, Please refrain from making edits without permission. With Re:Monster, it is simply a community work effort and therefore it is fine for such things.

With that said, 

Stay Tuned~