Japanese Skill Name: 轍貫き

Transliteration: Wadachi Tsuranuki

Translation: Furrow Pierce

Classification: Spear-type Martial Skill

Description: "While dashing forward, [Shin] activated the Spear-Type Martial Skill【Wadachi Tsuranuki (Furrow Pierce)】. With sheer brute strength, the spear pierced through several Skull Faces at once. When he activated the skill, an emerald green light in a spiral pattern smashed through swords, armor, and the Skull Faces themselves. It was almost like a cannonball had been fired horizontally; the tightly packed Skull Faces were ground to pieces, leaving behind a straight line of bones and iron scraps in a furrow."

First Appearance: Shin uses it in the fight against the almost 100-strong group of Skull Faces that surrounded the Shinto shrine in Volume 1 Chapter 4.