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Yuzuha is an Element Tail, whom Shin found severely weakened and dying in a Shrine. She is currently Shin's monster partner.


Young fox with several tails or a young girl with fox ears in a kimono. Although in her human form she generally takes on the appearance of a young girl, she is easily able to switch genders at will.


Yuzuha has a personality of a child and look of a child. Good natured and honest who listens to Shin.


  • Head: None
  • Torso: Priestess Costume of Evil Clearance
  • Render Brainwash, Confusion, Disorder and Charm invalid
  • Arm: None
  • Feet: Socks of Refreshing
  • AGI Bonus [Strong]
  • Accesories: None
  • Weapon: None


Before the Dusk of the Majesty, Yuzuha was a full-fledged Element Tail. When Shin defeated Origin, the game world slowly changed which caused severe crustal movements. Yuzuha used her power and tried to suppressed the effect of the earthquake which later left her severely weakened and vulnerable. She was later found by Shin due to Millie's power and healed, but is not as powerful as she once was.


Volume 1[]

Requested by Millie, Shin found her in a shrine deep in the forest surrounded by an army of skeletons.

Volume 2[]

Yuzuha manages to evolve into a three tailed fox.

Volume 7[]

Yuzuha manages to evolve into a six tailed fox.


  • She has an appearance of a young fox with immeasurable power.
  • She can change her form at ease.
  • She is Shin's Contracted Monster(Monster Partner).